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Stick a toe in first

I saw an Eastern Bluebird land on the birdbath yesterday, acting like he wanted to get in.  I knew the water in it had to be cool because it had just been filled with well water.  He stepped in, got back on the rim, and looked down at the water.  I understood his trepidation–I hate being in cold water, too!  He finally got in and frolicked for a while.  I knew he would–I see birds bath when it’s almost freezing.  Which means that birds are much tougher than I am these days.

We got a break from T/S Cindy–she came ashore, got a whiff of me, and started turning east.  You’re welcome.  And Mother Nature is having other fun with us: Just as Summer arrives,  it looks like we’ll  have a cooler, rainy weekend ahead–like the Spring we barely had.

I tried watching a movie yesterday afternoon, but it was so boring my mental jukebox started kicking in as I tried to watch it.  That’s just downright ungood.  I gave up on the movie after realizing that I had just heard Tommy Lee Jones singing “Old Dogs, Old Women, And Watermelon Rinds”.  Something seemed to be amiss about all that, but it was better than the movie.  Dang–I never knew Tommy Lee could sing that good.  I wonder whatever happened to that singer they called “the storyteller”.  🙂  JG

Sauna time?

It’s a good thing yesterday was mostly cloudy–udderwise, it would have been miserable outside with all the leftover moisture everywhere.  That might be the case today–the forecast is calling for sunshine, 90’s, very light breezes, and a lot of ozone lying around.  That’s the introduction to Summer, folks.  Yep, it officially begins at 11:25 tonight (local time).  Then it’ll still be hot, but at least that’ll be normal.

It must also be about predator time.  I say that because the bunnies are just about wall-to-wall outside.  Not that there are any walls, of course…  But every time their population swells like this, something moves in and starts killing them off.  Oh, well–that’s Nature’s way.

Speaking of which, there have been several snake sightings around here, so watch where you step.  You should be, anyway–ya don’t want to step in a pool of ozone somewhere, do ya?  🙂  JG

Sumpin kept being in the back of my mind…

I’ve been busy with thus and such lately, but feel like I’ve mostly been spinning my wheels.  My mind seems to be working in a different mode now that I quit smoking (starting my second month now, thank you very much).  Maybe getting oxygen to my brain is making a difference; or perhaps it’s the raw, unrefined honey that I’m now ingesting every morning.  I don’t know–and that’s for sure.  But sumpin has kept bothering me.

My yard was invaded by moles a few weeks ago and I tried poisoning the little rascals, but then I ran out of D-con.  That’s when I found out they quit making the stuff.  Why did they quit?  Because it worked, I guess.  The replacement is not nearly as effective–I discovered that the hard way.  I looked at my yard yesterday and couldn’t stand it any longer.  I ordered a mole trap, then started flooding the tunnels.  Instead of having mole tunnels running everywhere across my lawn, I now have grooves from collapsed mole tunnels running everywhere across my lawn.  But I drowned at least some of the dang pests, anyway.  Hopefully.  But that wasn’t what had been bothering me.

It’s a coupla days until Summer officially begins, but it’s felt like Summer around here the last week or so.  Hard to believe that it’s almost the Summer Solstice already.  I was sitting here earlier and thought, “I oughta mention that in my blog before I forget.”  Bingo–that’s what has been in the back of my mind for a while–I’ve been forgetting to post!  Apparently it doesn’t matter because no-one seems to have noticed, anyway.  But this lets people know that I’m still alive, FWTW.  🙂  JG

I was gone, but now I’m back

I have learned to not post too often or my readership seems to go down.  That makes some sorta sense, really–there’s only so many of these things you folks can read without indigestion setting in.

But, there’s a reason I’m posting today–and I’ll get to that as soon as I get you caught up on the nature news…

Since my last post we have had some rain and will have more in the future.  Critter-wise, we have a whole buncha rabbits and too many possums and coons.  Whew–how was that for a quick update?

Now for the piece of resistance (as they say differently in France–which they also say differently in France): Today is my 14th day of not smoking.  Or call it two weeks, a fortnight, or whatever–just call it great, I say!  Has it been easy?  The first three days were because I had been gasping for oxygen.  Then there were a coupla days that I wanted to open up a can of stomp-ass for any reason at all–or no reason whatsoever.  But I’ve made it this far cold turkey and decided to treat myself to a post.  Well deserved, I say.  🙂  JG



Sometimes things work out great…

…but it worries me when they do because sumpin’s gotta go wrong.  Yesterday was a prime example of that worrisome sorta thing.

Let me start at the start of this (huh?).  A coupla weeks ago I put some Chive seeds in my garden because I had decided I wanted some there.  Makes sense so far, right?  The problems began when I opened the seed packet and saw how small the seeds were.  Never having been one to decline a challenge, I carefully placed seeds where I wanted them.  After all, why sow seeds, then thin them–that’s a waste!  Then I gave the remaining seeds to a friend who I knew was planning an herb garden.  The carefully placed seeds didn’t come up so I borrowed them back to try it again.  But this time I scraped a furrow and started sprinkling the tiny seeds from the envelope.  However, the little rascals roll out quickly and are not easy to see.  When I got to the end of my furrows, I checked to see if there were any seeds left and found none–the package was completely empty.  Dang–what would I do now?  I needed a bag of fertilizer for my lawn, so I went back to Lowe’s, hoping they still had some Chive seed.  They did–and the name of the seed company was Sow Easy.  I couldn’t resist a name like that and it’s a good thing because it was the only package of Chive seed they had left!

I got home, spread the fertilizer, replaced my “borrowed” Chive seed, explained the situation, then came back to await the approaching rain.  It started as a gentle rain that dissolved the fertilizer granules before the heavier rain came through.  Wow–great timing!

To top it off, I stirred up some hash in the afternoon that turned out wonderful.  That’s good because there’s a lot of it!  I got some good sleep after nothing had gone wrong all day, then was awakened by the sound of distant thunder this morning.  The rain started again about twenty til two and we now have .46″ to add to yesterday’s .97″.  Looks like our April showers have finally gotten here!  🙂  JG

How’d we get to June so quick?

It seems like May started just the other day and now it’s the first of June–did I pull a Rip Van Winkle or sumpin?  Regardless of how we got here, we’re here.  And after yesterday, I’m glad we are.  Yesterday was not a good one for me.  I was trying to get two days’ work done in one because of the weather forecast and that doesn’t usually come out good.  Yesterday was no exception.  Things were going along pretty okay until a toad jumped out in front of the weed-eater.  The line either broke its right rear leg or dislocated it–either way, it looked really bad.  I guess the toad had learned how to hop by watching the Dallas drivers.

Anywho, I got my doings done and came down here to do some twining on my garden plants in case we get a thunderstorm.  I noticed that I was having a bit of trouble tying the twine, but thought it was because my hands were still numb from the weed-eater.  Then I realized that I had felt somewhat different all morning.  Ah, the un-sudden dawning:  I was having nicotine cravings!  That continued off and on all day–mostly on.  It was day 6 of my having quit and was the roughest one I had experienced.  I made it, but was really glad to go to bed.

But that was yesterday and today starts a new month and this makes a week of being quit!  Plus, I’m feeling much better this morning.  I do still feel bad about the toad’s leg, though.  😦  JG


Holidays, shmolidays–it’s time to get back to work

This was a long, strange weekend for me.  Okay–all holiday weekends seem long to me, but this one was also downright weird.  Why?  I thought you’d never ask.  Oops–you didn’t, but going right ahead here…  I quit smoking cold turkey Thursday and was doing really good for the first three days.  Then the neighbors’ barking dog arrived and I wanted to kill the damn thing and then have a smoke to celebrate.  But I didn’t and I didn’t.  So why quit again and do it cold turkey?  Had to because I couldn’t get oxygen and it hurt to smoke any more.  And the “cessation” programs may work for some people, but not for me–do it and be done, by dingo!

Turning to the weather, we got about a half-inch of rain this weekend.  The pond down here had dried up, but that rain put about a 6′ wide puddle back in it, which has now dried out again.  Looks like that will be changing once more this week.

And I got/ate my first Banana Pepper of this year Sunday!  There is a cucumber that should be ready to eat in a coupla days with more on the way, and I saw a Fooled You Jalapeno coming on as well.  Bout time!  Still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.  My onions are ooh, la, la (or dang good as they say in France).

On the critter front, the rabbits have definitely increased their population again and are hopping around everywhere.  I saw a young Brown Thrasher on one of the oak trees outside my trailer, but didn’t get a shot of him.  And I’ve been getting (and continue to get) reports of pigs “visiting” peoples’ yards and gardens around here.  My solution is: stay up all night and if you see any, shoot ’em!  Then you can have a smoke to celebrate!

We’ll see what this week brings.  This is day 6, but who’s counting?  🙂     JG