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When the situation gets better, watch out

The good news is that the steroid pills I got did exactly what they were supposed to and my back is feeling much better–yay!  The bad news is that I have been invaded by Meeses!  Yep–I started noticing their droppings and then came eyeball to eyeball with one behind my printer and decided to go on the offensive–and I can definitely be offensive!  It’s just one dang thang after a nern.  The little rascals used to be no problem to get rid of–just put out some Decon and they were history.  But the gubment took it off the market.  Why?  Because it worked!  They couldn’t have that, so no more Decon.  Its replacement is Tomcat–which works if you have a really good throwing arm (I don’t) and hit the mouse just right.  I didn’t have time for such foolishness yesterday morning, though.  I looked over and saw a mouse in the middle of the floor.  I went over and stomped it.  Then I saw four more over to the side.  I stomped three of them, but one headed for the hallway and into the darkness.  I went after it and accidentally stepped on it as I went.  That’s fine–I’ll take an accidental stomp!  I had been doing some pretty fancy footwork for a while there, but was wishing I hadn’t gotten rid of my 12 gauge shotgun years ago–although that might be overkill.  But now I have Tomcat cubes/sticky strips in five different locations and am hoping they’ll do the job.  I even put one Tomcat block out by itself, hoping that if nuttin else the dang Meeses will choke on it.  If not, I’ll buy another shotgun!  Sigh.  Life used to be so simple.

And speaking of birds, which I wasn’t…..  Yesterday, late morning, I happened to look out the window just as a Kestrel Hawk came swooping by the feeder station.  I dunno if it grabbed a bird or not because it was moving too fast for me to keep up.  I didn’t see any feathers floating down toward the ground, though–which is where they usually go.

As for the leaves–a bunch have fallen and there’s another bunch to go.  Please forgive my not having an accurate count.

Enjoy this nice weather while we have it, folks.  🙂  JG


Go away, you rascal!

My Porter Tomato plant looks sad, but I’m still watering it and rescued six toms from its underside yesterday.  There are a lot of them on the ground, of course–which attract critters.  One of them was on my deck just now.  I heard my deer antler scraping across the deck boards and raised the blinds, tapped on the window, and said, “Go on!”  I heard the antler again so I went over and turned on the outside light, opened the door, shone my flashlight that way, and said, “Heah!” as loudly as I dared without waking any neighbors.  It had to be a coon–they go everywhere and get into everything.  And steal ripe produce.  I never have figured out how they can tell tomatoes are ripening when it’s dark, but they can.

My back seems to slowly be getting better (emphasis on the slowly).  I hope it’ll keep going that direction because this has taken too long already.  I thought about trying to get some work done yesterday, but then had an attack of sanity.  Looking on the bright side, better now than in the middle of growing season.  Even better would be no more of this!

Enjoy the pretty weather while it’s here, folks!  🙂  JG

Round one went really good; round two was horrible.

After the hard freeze we got Friday night, I dreaded removing the tarp from my Porter Tomato plant.  However, it looked remarkably good that Saturday morning.  Whew–that was a pleasant surprise!  The forecast called for 38 degrees for Saturday night, so I hoped all would be well and put away my tarp.  I got up and checked the temperature Saturday night and it was already down to 35 degrees.  Uh-oh.  I knew I needed to put the tarp back on, but my back was hurting so much I just couldn’t do it.  The temperature got back down to 28 and my Porter froze.  I felt really bad about not having covered it again–still do.

The good news is that yesterday I discovered a better way to get up from sitting!  Maybe my back muscles will start healing now.  I hope so because this has gone on far too long and I have things to do–preferably before it gets really cold outside.  Brrr.  🙂  JG

Yesterday, when my troubles seemed not far away…

We did get a freeze tonight, as they were predicting–a new record low of 27 and 25 down here in the bottom, so far.  However, it wasn’t the earliest freeze we’ve had–that was on October 8, 2012.  But it was still too early for me (boo!, hiss!).  The day had started out so badly that I had just wanted to go back to bed and pull a Rip Van Winkle, but that was not to be…

I had decided to get up about 1:30, turn up the thermostat, then go back to bed.  But my back hurt so much when I was straightening up, all thoughts of more sleep were gone.  All that bouncing on the mower had not been good at all and I knew that there would be no weed-eating this week.  I discovered that if I stood completely erect my back felt okay–that was encouraging.  But having been used to bending over to get things all my life, staying erect wasn’t easy to do.  I knew something had to be done when I tried to get up out of my new chair and my muscles started having spasms and I collapsed back into my chair.  That felt almost as painful as when I had broken ribs (another boo!, hiss!) and I considered going to Urgent Care to get some muscle relaxers (there are boo!, hisses! all in this tale).  Then I had a thought (dang–another one!).  I managed to get up, walk over and find a back brace, and put it on.  It wasn’t real comfy, but as long as I was careful, I could get up and down without wanting to scream.  So things were improving.  Then I went to town later on and had such a crappy visit at Whataburger I almost walked out.  Unfortunately for them, I got a survey wanting to know about my visit and when I filled it out, I gave their home office an earful.  Uh–make that eye instead of ear.

Anywho, when I got back home it was daylight and since my back was behaving better I decided to get my outside things done before the wind increased any more and also to avoid having to put on my shoes again (I never realized how far down there my feet are!).  I went out and covered the refrigerator louver and then went down to gather whatever produce I could from the garden.  Then I got my big tarp and covered my Porter Tomato plant to theoretically keep it from freezing.  You want some fun?  Try putting an oversized tarp over a 5-foot tomato plant in the wind–cold wind!    There had been several trips inside to warm up during all this, but that last one felt wonderful!  For those of you who have never gone through these sort of chores, it’s important to do them when it’s cold, windy, and miserable outside–that way you’ll remember that you’ve done them!

Then it started sleeting about 11:00.  It was light and only melted down to .01″, but I had gotten some sausage/biscuits that morning to have in case we got some frozen precipitation and I couldn’t get up the hill.  In the back of my mind, I kept wondering if I had caused the sleet.  Nah.

I knew things were getting better when I looked out the window and noticed mama/daughter deersies walking out from behind my feeder station and saw that they were both fattening up.  And sure enough–the rest of the day went much better!  🙂  JG

Sneak attack

I woke up cold in the middle of the night.  I got up, got out my quilt, turned up the heater, and started the coffee while the quilt started warming up.  I checked the temperature outside and it was 36 degrees–brrr.  I checked the news, drank my coffee, and waited for the room to warm up.  It didn’t.  The temperature went down to 34 and I started worrying about my garden plants.  Fortunately, it got no colder, but after being at 34 for hours and it looks like there was a light frost, there will probably be some damage to my plants.  If not, there most likely will be Friday night because I expect a light freeze down here in the bottom.  But looking on the bright side, it’s better to have a light freeze than a dark one.  Time to get my little auxiliary heater out.  :-/  JG

This, that, and the udder

As you might know, we had thunderstorms Saturday night.  It was a noisy night and I had cobwebs ‘twixt my ears all Sunday from sleep deprivation.  But we got about .44″ of rain out of the storms–with hardly any damage!  Then yesterday turned out rather nice–but that was just a fake-out because it got downright chilly again tonight.  But I had seen crock-pot weather coming, planned ahead, and will have that rascal going today!  Is I a genus or whut?

I heard Geese honking their way south yesterday afternoon.  I went out hoping to see them, but it sounded like they had already landed on a pond to my southeast for a night’s rest.  I love hearing and seeing those magnificent birds!

Another topic is my back.  It has been hurting for almost three weeks now and that’s more than plenty for me.  I didn’t injure it doing sumpin’ stoopid, however.  Well, depending on how you look at it, that is.  As I previously reported, I had cataract surgery a coupla years ago.  That made a great difference in my vision and I was happy as a frog.  But I kept getting postcards from my obstetrician (or everwhat the eye doctor’s called) to make an appointment for a checkup, which I kept ignoring.  Then I started noticing that my vision was not as great as it had been, so I made an appointment.  While there, I discovered that A) My vision had changed; and B)  The young ladies at the front counter are still as beautiful as they had been before–one of them even more so.  The Doc said blah, blah, blah and new lenses were ordered.  I got my new glasses three weeks ago yesterday (does that time frame sound familiar?) and noticed a definite improvement in my vision again.  Maybe there had been sumpin’ to those postcards after all!  But when I sat down to use my puter, everything was discombobulated!  I couldn’t focus on the monitor without leaning forward to use the “near” part of my bifocals, which started making my back sore.  After a coupla days, I knew I’d have to make some sorta change so I pushed the monitor further away and took a pad out of my chair.  That made a definite difference–it was worse!  My back started hurting so bad I had to use my arms just to help me straighten up!  And bouncing on the mower was agony!  So I did some of that thinking stuff (yeah, it had come to that!).  I discovered that my chair’s lumbar support was not hitting my back correctly, so I put the pad back onto the chair.  That helped somewhat, but I needed more relief so I ordered a new chair that had really good reviews.  That was on Sunday and it is supposed to be here today.  I suppose it’s time for a new chair–I’ve been using this one ever since I bought it (IOW, I don’t remember how long).  Come on, UPS!  🙂  JG

You folks are not a lot of help

I posted yesterday and omitted sumpin important–and none of you said a word before I hit the publish button.  Thanks a lot.

Anywho, I was told Wednesday that we have another big panther on the premises. This one was seen down here close enough that the guy saw it, heard it growl at him and his dog, and he then grabbed his dog while it was doing its business and took it back inside.  This panther is gray (he didn’t say how dark) with a bit of brown under its chin.  That explains the rabbits being so skittish lately; maybe it ran the pigs off, too.

Now aren’t you ashamed of not reminding me to report that?  I don’t know how that would work, of course.  All I know is that I need help–but most of you are aware of that.  I’ll try to do better in the future.  🙂  JG